Hello Chicken Pox!

3 weeks ago, I’ve found a couple of spots on my oldest son Tom (2) Right there, next to his cute little lips. Within a day, he was covered in chicken pox. Surprisingly, he dealt with it like a champ. No crying, no itching, just a little temperature and in need of extra cuddles from mummy. We only had to use some cooling gel. That’s all.

Now, after weeks of staying in and trying to keep both boys away from the outside world, I thought little Sam ( 5 month) got away with it, but it turns out he hasn’t.

Damn you, chicken pox. I’ve had plans this week. We were supposed to go swimming with Sam’s little friends, go to our weekly baby groups and a lovely BBQ were on the agenda.

So far, Sam is coping rather well. Here a picture of the little guy – still smiling.IMG-20150516-WA0003


Fran Whitehead

Hey, I'm Fran, 33 and originally from Germany. I've moved to the UK back in 2002. I'm a wife and mother to 2 beautiful boys Tom, 2 and Sam 5 month old.

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