Ever had lunch with a monkey and a giraffe?


Friday is the day, I spend the day with both my boy’s. Any mum out there will know, that looking after two little once can be, ¬†well let’s say a challenge.

Keeping my very active 2 year old on his toes can be difficult. He is a typical boy. He loves climbing on anything he can climb onto, jump on bed’s and off bed’s , playing with all his toy’s as well as reading books.

Lunch time, usually run’s pretty smooth unless he throw’s a tantrum. Then, plates can be pushed away and generally a ” No way, I don’t want it mummy ” comes out of his mouth. After some reverse physiology , he will sit and eat any thing we put in front of him. Toddler’s hey?

Yesterday, he actually refuses to sit his chair to eat and instead made himself comfortable on the table. Eating like a little monkey. After a few minutes telling him , that I will actually eat his entire lunch if he does’t sit in his chair, he climbed into it, like monkey and ate.




Fran Whitehead

Hey, I'm Fran, 33 and originally from Germany. I've moved to the UK back in 2002. I'm a wife and mother to 2 beautiful boys Tom, 2 and Sam 5 month old.

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